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let's start, again

First words are always most difficult...and with this cheap trick I found a way to start again this blog.
Why start again..? lots of reason probably: because I don't like leave stuff neglected is one of the best explanation, or maybe because I want to learn writing a good prose in english too, but even because here I can write in english and I can find people who can read it.

Anyway, I decided I'll try to keep this blog too: probably it will be very boring but I always thought that I first write for myself, than for the others

Ah! just a specification! I know that netiquette normaly says you dont' have to remark the typos, that's not polite, BUT my english is very awful, yes I know, I never studied at high school (and probably the teacher never explained it...) and I had 8 even if I still don't know how conjugate an irregular verb at past ... uhuh

(maybe,sooner or later, I'll put this ... or a better version of this ... in my profile)
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